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Frank Francesco Roselli 
7/25/1934 - 4/6/2023

The Frank Roselli 
Educational Scholarship Fund

Frank F. Roselli was called to be with God and passed away peacefully on April 6, 2023. Frank lived an amazing and storied life that started with humble beginnings as the son of farmers in Italy then saw him emigrate to America where he became a famous chemist.


Frank “Francesco” was born in the summer of 1934 in Colombara Italy, a small suburb of the village of Frontone in Le Marche region of central Italy. As a boy Frank worked in the nearby fields of San Savino with his parents Yolanda and Arduino Roselli. They lived a simple but happy life as farmers. Wanting an education for their only son (Frank’s brother Natalino died as an infant) Arduino and Yolanda scraped together their meager savings and along with help from Uncle Antonio in America they were able to send Frank to the seminary school in nearby Cagli. It was not usual for farmers' children to attend school, let alone a seminary, but for Frank this was the chance of a lifetime.  


After attending the seminary school for three years and passing some difficult exams, Frank earned acceptance to the prestigious Instituto Technico Industriale Montani in Fermo Italy.  A proud family moment for sure, but finances would be a challenge.  Arduino, Yolanda and Zio Antonio once again made his education a family priority and partnered to pay the tuition and his room and board.


Fermo was a world away from Colombara and Frontone, but Frank was headed to college! Aware of the efforts and sacrifices made by his family, Frank did not disappoint.  He graduated with honors from Fermo and landed a job with the polymer research group at the Montecatini chemical company in Terni. His family’s efforts were rewarded with the ultimate prize!

However, Frank’s life would soon take a major turn. Zio Antonio and his father Arduino were now both in America and urged Frank to come over and pursue his technical career in California.  Leaving his job in Terni that he had worked so hard to acquire was a major life decision and huge risk, but Frank agreed and left for America with his mom in 1955.  Things eventually turned out just as his zio and father had hoped and prayed.  Frank worked for a couple famous chemical companies, earned a number of  US chemical patents and retired to Napa Valley after a long and very successful career as a corporate executive in the chemical industry in the United States.

Frank’s ties to Le Marche and his hometown roots never faded. He maintained a residence in Frontone and kept strong connections to family and friends.  He always encouraged and supported groups like La Radica and admired their passion to bring the beauty and history of his beloved Le Marche to future generations 

​The point of sharing Frank's life story is to provide inspiration and illustrate the power and opportunities that can be created by a strong education.  Frank grew up poor, but his family knew that a good education would be his path to a better life if they were able to overcome the financial challenges. 

The goal of the Frank Roselli Educational Scholarship Fund is to help financially support the educational dreams of young people from the very region where he grew up in Le Marche.

The scholarship fund will be managed by La Radica, based in Frontone.  La Radica is an Italian grassroots non profit organization dedicated to educating future generations about the rich history, traditions and heritage of the region where they live. 

Please consider donating today to the Frank Roselli Educational Scholarship Fund.

To learn more about La Radica and get involved with their mission - click here:  La Radica 

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