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Frank Roselli has known the Pepi family for many years, so when it came time to choose a winemaker for his family venture he did not have to look very far.  Frank reached out to Bob Pepi to see if he would be interested in helping him fulfill his dream of producing his own premium Napa Valley wines. Fortunately, Bob agreed and San Savino Vineyard Wines is now the proud beneficiary of one of the most experienced and respected wine makers in Napa Valley.

BOB PEPI — winemaker


In 1966, the Robert Pepi family bought a ranch with vineyards in the Napa Valley.  In 1980, Robert Pepi and Bob Pepi decided to start a winery on the property, giving it the name they each carried, Robert Pepi.  Their first harvest was in 1981, and Bob Pepi has been making wine ever since. While Bob’s first love was animals and his major zoology, it wasn’t too many years before the lure of the vine really took hold, and Bob took courses at both the University of California’s famed enology program in Davis and at The Wine Lab in St. Helena.  After the family winery sold, Bob became a consulting winemaker, working mainly in California, but traveling also to Argentina, Colorado, and Texas.


With over 40 harvests under his belt, and considerable wine business background and acumen, Bob has a combination of skills and expertise that have made him a highly sought after wine maker.  In addition to numerous awards where his wines have attracted 90+ ratings and were twice among the Wine Spectator “Top 100 Wines of the Year,”  he has received a “Cellar Selection” designation from the Wine Spectator.

San Savino Vineyards is delighted to have Bob as our winemaker. You can investigate Bob's own wines from his "Eponymous" label at his website- click here.


San Savino Vineyards Wines is proud to offer two very distinctive vintages that honor the memory of their hard working Italian ancestors and stay true to the quality one would expect from a Napa Valley Vineyard.  The 2014 limited production Cabernet and Merlot are now available for you to experience and enjoy. Order today online from our WineStore

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